What is the EDGE Challenge?

The EDGE Challenge is the 100 day "ED Get Exercising" Team Challenge.

The radiology department have joined us this year in the RAGE Challenge - RAdiology Get Exercising!
The Challenge runs from 9th January to 18th April 2017.

The EDGE and RAGE Challenge has two aims:

  1. To get people moving - we are the front-line of health care and can set a great example for our colleagues and patients.
  2. To develop the team spirit in our departments - We have shown that the EDGE Challenge helps us to work better as a team, and therefore improves our ability to look after our patients.

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The Rules

Solo Exercise:

Every minute of exercise you do will gain you (and your team) one point.
eg. 30 mins = 30 points

Team ED Challenge:

Increase your points by doing an activity with other ED staff. Multiply your points for an activity by the number of ED staff you did it with.
eg. 2 ED staff members = multiply your points by 2

MDT Challenge:

Increase your points even more by doing an activity with 3 ED staff members all from different disciplines, and receive ADDITIONAL double points.
eg. nurse and radiographer and social worker go for a 30min walk together = 30 mins x3 (3 ED staff members) x2 (MDT challenge) = 180 points each

To maintain a fair points system, we have capped the number of points you can get for one exercise at SIX times the number of minutes of exercise you do.
To get maximal points you need to either:
  • do an activity with 5 of your friends
  • do an activity with 2 of your friends, with each person being from a different discipline in ED.


Do I have to take part?

Every member of the ED team is signed up for this challenge.
Whether you actually record your activities is up to you. BUT – this is about us as Team ED – so help your team by participating!

Do I have to exercise exclusively with people from my team?

No - although we encouraged healthy competition between the EDGE teams, each person involved in a Team ED or MDT Challenge will gain points, even if all participants are not in the same team.

What counts as exercise?

The EDGE Challenge encourages INTENTIONAL physical activity. So although your steps around work are fantastic for those Fit-Bit'ers trying to get to 10,000 steps in a day, it can't be recorded for EDGE.

You need to get HUFFY PUFFY.

To clarify for the Winters Twins - walking to and from the pub counts. Sitting in the pub lifting a glass to your mouth does not count. Dog walking, biking and the horizontal tango counts. Golf apparently counts. Gardening counts if you are getting HUFFY PUFFY.
If you are not sure - ask Laura, Boney or Karen or send us an email.

What counts as a Team ED or MDT Challenge?

To record that you exercised with friends, you have to actually exercise with friends! So if three of you run around Hagley Park and are spread out by 2km that does not count. You must be within shouting distance of each other for it to count.

What if I do more than 360 minutes exercise in one session?

Book an appointment with Crisis Resolution - you are crazy.
Seriously - if you do go over 360 minutes you will just have to enter two sessions that total the number of minutes you do.

How can I communicate with other EDGE members?

Join our Facebook Group "EDGE Challenge" to get updates, share photos and leave messages for other EDGE participants.
You may also like to download the free app MapMyWalk, and ‘friend’ others EDGE members.
Make sure you put “EDGE” after your name in your profile so you can be distinguished from non-ED people. You can then encourage your team mates by liking activities they record. This is not compulsory, you will still need to enter your data in the EDGE website.

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